Property management

Reaya provides home investors & property owners with property management services and ongoing maintenance of the property as well as the preparation for a stay. We serve property owners whose homes are not occupied year round. We ensure each property is well kept and maintained in the way that suites the homeowners needs.
Additionally,  properties that are occupied by renters benfit from our  “Renters Service” .
We are confident that our service will leave you feeling secure and with a peace of mind knowing that your home is being taken care of

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Short-Term Rental Management

Reception of renters upon their arrival at the property.

Preparation prior to renters arrival.

Advertisement of property.

Selection of suitable renters.

Routine maintenance check-ins of property.

Handling of money collection.

Long-term rental and Property Management

Long-term rental and Property management.

Advertising and marketing of property.

Full and ongoing management throughout the rental period and handling any issues that occur.

Delivery of quarterly expenses and revenue reports.

Rent collection & transferring to property owner.

Finding suitable tenants , showings of the property.

Periodic check-ins electricity,water,shutters.

Repairing paint defects and repainting of the apartment.

Ongoing contact with building maintenance committee.

Noted updates to property owner of any issues, rental completion etc.

Market research to achieve maximum rental price.

Annual mail pickup & handling at property.

Property Management - Foreign Owners

Reayah Property Management provides property owners living abroad  with an all-inclusive service. Including  ongoing management and maintenance of one’s property. This service is intended for homes that are not used as short/long term rentals .  While quietly providing peace to the property owner who is abroad and unable to manage the property from afar. 

Receiving & handling mail.

Routine cleaning & inspection (water, electricity etc )

Representation & communication with the building committee.

Preparation of property prior to stay.

Update reports (weekly/ monthly etc )

Management of annual property payments (property tax, electricity /water bills etc).

so how does it work?

In three simple steps:


Meeting us

After contacting us , we will get in touch with you to coordinate a property introduction tour with a representative or property owner to organize a plan to begin managing your property according to its needs.


Price Quote

After reviewing your property and discussing the type of management for you, you will receive a customized price quote with a variety of services customized for your budget


Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!
After signing your agreement, you will become part of a community that is like family.
Your property will be managed and maintained so you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands

Fill in your details and we will get back to you soon: